The Center on Capital & Social Equity works to identify and explore pathways toward a more inclusive economy and healthy society. In virtually all capitalist economies, the least wealthy half of the population on average owns zero or minimal net assets. In the United States, many are questioning whether a once robust middle class is becoming “hollowed out” and is still large enough to be the political foundation for democratic governance. Capitalist economies anchored in free markets and private property ownership have demonstrated their value in generating wealth; yet, how those gains are distributed within a society is highly dependent on politics and public policy. Our goal is to help empower people of all walks of life to share in economic gains and strengthen communities in which all people are equal members with freedom to develop and thrive as individuals.

Our Work

The Center on Capital & Social Equity does two things:  1) explore the dynamics of growing economic inequality and 2) advocate for inclusion of the bottom 50%. As globalization continues transforming the world economy, humankind faces a growing set of challenges: How can individual and economic freedom move forward in harmony with moral values that have long helped to bind together societies? How can we best collectively help those in greatest need? What social structures and obligations must be protected, and possibly enhanced, for modern capitalism and concepts of social equity to function in a stable and healthy environment? What are the key decisions for policymakers to work toward this type of future?

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